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We have the ideal solution for your company


Energy Savings

The main benefit of our Cooling Towers is energy savings during operation. Thanks to the optimized design of our equipment, we make sure that our customers are satisfied by reducing their total energy costs.


Low Noise

Our Cooling Tower designs guarantees noise levels below the standards. We have customized solutions for the most noise sensitive sectors.



Our business strategies meet out Customer needs while taking care of the natural resources.


The Best Engineering

Our team is formed by industry experts who assures the optimal operating conditions for your project from start to end.

We have the solution for your company to stop losing money, saving up to 40% of electrical energy, and reducing 80% of water loss in your Cooling Towers.

We have significant and continuous activities in the international and national market, covering projects in Mexico, Central and South America.

We meet the highest quality standards on engineering design, materials and construction in order to guarantee an on-time delivery and our Customers satisfaction.

Does your company have excessive energy expenses?

At Thermal Cooling Tower we offer tailor-made solutions for the design, construction, maintenance and repair for Package and Industrial Cooling Towers. We ensure you and your company will reduce your electricity and water costs, resulting on higher profits for your organization.

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